Publish your menu, allergen and ingredients on "And it Has" for FREE!

2 million people in the UK suffer from food allergies. 3.5 million have already turned to non-meat diets.

Make eating-out, for food conscious consumers, easier and safer with "And it Has".

Why this is good for your business:

1. Get ahead of legislation, and reduce your liability

2. Reduce staff interrupts

3. Avoid staff giving wrong information

4. Increase consumer confidence

5. Ensure an up-to-date website menu with our plugin

Did you know?

14 allergen groups are recognised, but some people are still allergic to things outside these groups.

Some people are only allergic to certain things within a group.

Identifying allergen groups is not enough; provide full ingredient lists with "And it Has" to avoid problems.

Add-on Option

For £5 per month you can link your website to 'And it Has' so you only need to maintain one menu.

It gives you an easy to use plugin to enhance your website value.

Remember: the majority of your website visitors come to see an up-to-date menu.

“And it Has” includes geo-tagging so customers don’t search for your business. It just knows when they’re nearby and will list you at the top of the start page.

For privacy concerned customers - who’ve disabled location services or haven't downloaded the app - location-unique QR-code stickers, when scanned, link directly to your menu.

QR-code stickers are also great for Food Trucks on the move.

Already using menu management software - no problem!

Contact us about our easy import options.